Wednesday, 2 February 2011


- A montage is used at the beginning to show a change over time and the aging of an artist from a child to an adult.
-Constant fast editing every 2-4 beats, keeping the audience interested and making aware that it is a music video they are watching and not real life
-Editing syncopates to the beat of the music.
-Singing into the camera creating a bond between the audience and allowing them to relate to the music and artist.
- Music videos are vary rarely recorded live due to editing restrictions and the different locations used in the music video. the artist then lip syncs over the recorded track and they are edited together to create the finished video.
-The actions within the music video relates and matches to lyrics being sung by the artists. "wasn't low blows and video hoes" 2 girls and the artist are dancing in a provocative manor and using titillation to refer-to the stereotypical and ideological view of a prostitute "hoe".
- Postmodernism is present within the video through pastiche. There is a reference to her first released song and video "Do It Like A Dude", same costume, dance formation and routine.
is shown on the lyric "Wasn't low blows and video hoes".
-The video is non-narrative and doesn't-take the viewer through a particular story line.
- There are many costume changes throughout video of which most are very provocative and sexy. this attracts a male audience through titillation.
-Match on action shots- the large Money tree to large teddy bear behind the artist.
-Different and multiple changing background colours to convey different moods.
-Again pastiche is revealed through the extreme close up her crystalized lips which is previously seen in her video "Do It Like A Dude".
-The video is minimalist with set, props and locations but still prescribes a strong message.
-The video has a strong theme of innocence and childhood relating to a younger demographic.
- Constant camera movement to create different effects and moods.
*zooming in and out- seen at the beginning to show a change in time.
*mid shots
*close ups
*long shots
*high angles
*low angles- shows status and power as an artist.

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