Monday, 8 November 2010



Nirvana's ideological album cover 'nevermind' is still to this day one of the most controversial political statements ever made by a a band or artist. This statement was made through the bands album cover.

-The Idea of water and the ocean is code for freedom.
-The baby chasing money attached to a fishing line and hook represents the chasing of the american dream and the ideal world. This this is where the dollar comes into context.
- The dollar also comes into context with the present american economic crisis and the endless amount of money being pumped into economy. The american economy is metaphorically drowning.
-The image of the naked child is code for innocence and and how corrupt american society is. The lessons they are teaching their children is 'money is everything'.
-The hook and fishing line is represents bait.
-The idea of chasing the dollar also makes a statement at how materialistic Americans can be.
-The child is also code for families with the world on their shoulders and financially struggling.
The font in the pictures represents strength and pride through the bold and iconic text. The text is also code code for purity and and simplicity.
- The title of the album 'nevermind' symbolizes the relaxed mentality towards the lessons Americans are teaching their younger generations.
-The font of the album title also represents this relaxed attitude through the wave movement of the text.
-Conventionally the artist or band normally features on their album cover. In this case they do not. This symbolizes that they care more about there music than their public image and let their music explain itself, this is a very down to earth statement from a band that is so successful.

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