Monday, 1 November 2010




While thinking about creating an image for my chosen artist i thought it would be useful to look at how another influential artist has successfully created an identifiable image. for this i chose Beyonce and i felt that her image in someway resembles the same genre of music that i am representing.

Beyonce has a very sexually driven and edgy image. This is cleverly created through titillation which attracts a male audience but does this without intimidating other women and creating an inspiration role model for all.Beyonce's album art does this very
successfully using seductive yet subdued images and bold and striking fonts

Beyonce continues to re create herself time and time again trough different personal projects, whether it be 'destiny's child' her solo career or 'The House Of Dereon'. One way she does this so successfully is by using fashion and delivers a sophisticated but sexy image. depending on the song i choose for my final music video, i would like to incorporate some of these elements to backup my genre of music. Strong bold colours relate to this years fashion trends of colour blocking seen in Prada's summer collection. Their target audience want to see their favourite artist in the latest fashion trends as it adds to the desirability factor.

Beyonce has inspired me as an artist for my media products research because i feel her music and image cuts across different genres of music. some of Her music has a rockier feel to it yet still stays commercial/pop and R+B based. Her sexy image entices men to want to be with her and other woman to be her. Hopefully i can include some of these factors while working around my own artist and music video.

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